Paddleballers Brand
Ambassador Program

Get 10% commission on every sale which you refer

Why join Paddleballers as a Brand Ambassador?

The PaddleBallers brand ambassador program is an exclusive membership for our elite supporters who are influencers in their community and are (or want to be) passionately engaged in promoting your pickleball lifestyle. 

 We’re looking for loyal ambassadors to become a part of the PaddleBallers brand ambassador program! We want you to share our passion for Pickleball, but not only that. We want you to embody our lifestyle and become a Pickleball inspiration for others! Oh, by the way, did we tell you that you will earn cash (💰🤑) for each and every sale you refer? Not only that, but all of the people you refer will also get an exclusive discount on their purchases. Come on! It’s a win-win-win!!

How it works


Step one

Join our brand ambassador program and fill out the form. Once your application is approved you will be ready to promote and earn.


Step two

Once you enter your dashboard, you will get your unique referral link by which you track your referrals.


Step three

After getting your unique referral link, promote our product through your social media platforms. Once customer purchases through your link, you will get 10% commission on the total order value!

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Post at least 1 quality photo or video of you using Paddleballers products at least every other week. Remember, visual context and quality of content are incredibly important… this will increase the power of promotion and help drive the earnings you will receive!

Remain respectful and endorse Paddleballers in a positive way with inspirational content.

Include links to our website, and social media and share information about our brand Don’t forget your unique and exclusive discount code!

Benefits of the Paddleballers Brand Ambassador Program

Support & Promotion

In exchange for your content, we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador! This will include our efforts to help you grow, as well as promoting you as an influential leader in the community.

Exclusive Discount Codes!

We will provide you with all the essential tools for promoting. We’ll also provide free promotional products, plus an exclusive discount code that you will share via social media (i.e. Instagram & Facebook).

Commission on Items Sold!

You will also have an incredible earning potential! Once you share your exclusive discount code; every individual who uses that code on Paddleballers products – you’ll earn % of their total purchases for as long as you remain in the brand ambassador program!

Registration Form

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