Top Five Male Pickleball Players in Singles Category

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Pickleball is the new favorite sport of Americans and there's been a massive increase in the number of people playing it over the last few years.

The sport is a fusion of badminton, tennis, and ping pong; but unlike them, it is much easier to learn.

But just because it's easy to learn doesn't mean it's easy to master, and the top five best male pickleball players listed in this guide are a testament to that.

Meet the best guy pickleballers out there below - you might even learn a thing or two.


At only 23 years old, he’s one of the youngest players on the PPA (Professional Pickleball Association) Tour - and many consider Ben Johns to be the best pickleball player of all time. Over most of the last three years, Ben has been the top player in all three divisions, with his supremacy in singles including a 108-match winning streak.

Ben Johns

He's destined for the Pickleball Hall of Fame, having won over 65 PPA titles (and counting) and more Triple Crowns than any other male in professional pickleball history.

Pro-Tip: A "Triple Crown" refers to winning gold medals in all three divisions during a single tournament

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At 31 years old, Tyson McGuffin is one of the most talented and youngest pickleball players the sport has ever seen. Even at such a young age, he's won the Grand Slam five times and the National Championship four times.

He began with playing tennis in college and was quite good at it, but the high physical demand of the sport led him to shift his focus toward pickleball seeing as it was less strenuous on the body.

Tyson McGuffin

McGuffin was ranked #2 in the world in Mixed Singles, #5 in Men’s Doubles, and #4 in Mixed Doubles. 


Frank Anthony Davis (FAD), 31, is originally from a small town in southern New Jersey. He started playing Pickleball in 2013 and quickly  made his place among the top players.

He won the USAPA Heritage Tournament Triple Crown in 2019, finished third in the National Pro Singles, and won the Chicago Open. In 2021, FAD was thrilled to collaborate with Niupipo on the professional tour.

Frank Anthony Davis


Collin Johns, aged 26, began playing pickleball in the spring of 2018.

He quickly made his professional debut at the 2019 US Open, where he reached the semifinals in Men’s Pro Singles. Over the next year, he swiftly established himself as one of the top players in men’s singles and doubles, getting to the Top 10 in both divisions.

He's the go-to doubles partner of his younger brother, Ben Johns, with whom he has won 27 professional titles. The most notable titles will include back-to-back US Open titles in 2021 and 2022, as well as the USAP National Championships in 2022.

Collin Johns

5. Jocelyn Devilliers

At just 28 years old, Jocelyn "Jay" Devilliers, also known as the Flying Frenchman, is one of the top 5 athletes in the world having dominated all three divisions of his sport.

He's one of the most popular professional pickleball players on tour and has established himself as one of the fiercest and most thrilling players to watch.

Devilliers consistently advances to the finals and finishes on the podium in all three events.

Jocelyn Devilliers

In 2021, he won his first Mixed Doubles title with Jessie Irvine at the PPA Championship in Las Vegas.

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